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Our company ( is a professional lender-connecting entity, with the help of which the fund seekers can get in touch with online direct lenders and get qualified to obtain cash loans online fast approval. Please, do not be misled, we are not a creditor, we just implement the role of linking intermediary that connects potential borrowers with the lenders of funds. The most important issue that makes our company such a convenient target of obtaining additional cash is regarded to be the phenomenon of online conduct. To put it simply, we do support services in a fully online basis; therefore, you can leave behind the old-fashioned methods and start your borrowing career in the world of automated systems.


At, we entirely understand that deals with traditional lenders start to be inconvenient and pretty time-consuming, thus we focus the target on the comfort and rapidity of the provided services. Actually, the ultimate mission and the main priority of our company are helping out the population in need that wants to be engaged in the trouble-free processes and get the funds as soon as possible. Thus, if you need quick cash advances, you are highly recommended to try out the opportunities provided by our company.

In contrast to a great number of online companies, the scale of services supported by Trekfansunited is not limited only by payday loans online, as we are specialized in three different products: payday loans, personal loans and installment loans for poor credit online. This sort of diversification of choice does support a bigger assortment of credit products, as applicants can have access to three different “commodities” at the same time.

Why Trekfansunited?

Basically, the clients of our company are those who are fed up with the face-to-face lending and related inconvenient issues such as physical visits or collection of boring paperwork. Our company provides comprehensive financial support even to bad credit holders. So, if you have difficulties while borrowing from traditional lenders based on the fact of your bad credit rating, you surely can start your credit request at and get internet payday loans no credit check without worrying about your impaired records. Moreover, you can get answers to your queries by just turning to customer support that operates on a 24/7 basis.

Diversified Choice of Credit Instruments

Our payday company provides three kinds of loans; consequently, applicants are not limited in their choices: if you need small credits, you can apply for 1 hour payday loans no credit check, whereas, if your choice stops on comparatively long-term credits, you are free to turn to installment or personal loans.

Unbelievably Light Requirements

When you are starting to deal with, you need to forget about harsh eligibility requirements that most of the banks or credit organizations used to apply, as the alternative lending does support a relatively humanistic attitude than other lenders have ever imagined.

Rocket Speed

Actually, the speed of service does make a great sense, especially in the field of finance, as every missed minute can be the last. Hence, if your case requires an instant replenishment of funds, then you need to leave behind the “turtle lenders” and check out the modern credit products.

Simplicity of the Application Process

If you intended to apply for fast cash loans online, you need to be informed that lenders do not apply mandatory demands linked to the applicants’ physical visits as the entire process of lending can be accomplished fully online. More to the point, once you get approved for your credit proposal, you will have your requested funds directly transferred into your bank account as the method of provision of funds (known as direct deposit) sets applicants free from taking the funds from lenders’ authorities.